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Welcome to Study in USA section. Here you will find a List of Top and Best Universites in USA, Study abroad options, Scholarships, Colleges, Programs, Courses, Institutes for studying MBA, Business Management, Engineering, Hotel management, Arts & Design, Films & Media, Science & Technology, Animation, Computers & IT and many more programs for studies in USA.
You will also find why study in USA, the eligibility and admission procedure for study in USA, cost of tution and living, student visa requirements, scholarships available from different  American Universities and Government and list of Top Universities in USA for studies in USA.
You will find articles on Study in USA, blogs, questions and answers, university reviews, forums, etc. to make informed decisions for studying in USA.
The United States of America is the land of dreams, multicultural society, freedom, luxury; it has advanced technological edge in every field. The higher education in USA is among one of the best in the world and it attracts highest number of international students from all over the globe. It constitutes about 10% of the student population in the US graduate colleges and universities and is a $ 13 billion educational industry. It has one of the best research institutes, universities, institutions, organizations and great atmosphere for innovation that makes it a number one destination for higher studies.

The study in US offers international students a wide choice of options to select from, high success rate of job employability, great infrastructure, high quality teaching standards, good transport facility, international airport connectivity and affordability. The USA has one of the top ranking universities of the world namely The Harvard, The Stanford, University of Pennsylvania (Wharton),Princeton, Northwestern University (Kellogg),Northwestern University (Kellogg), Columbia University (NY), Yale University and the list goes on.

Top Universities in USA

  • Harvard University
  • Stanford University
  • Yale University
  • University of Chicago
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Princeton University

Why Study in USA?

Study in USA is the most sought after for international students as USA has some of the World's Top Universities. The houses 3800 higher education institutes, 42 of which ranked in the top 100 universities in the world.The United States has more institutions of higher learning than any other country in the world.  Most American colleges and universities offer top-notch education programs with highly qualified teaching staff. The research at many of these universities is cutting-edge and often published in journals worldwide. Since this a large country with vast resources, there are prospects for almost every field of study. This country has the highest international student population seeking education. This is because of its world class universities, institutions, state-of-the-art facilities and up-to-date technologies.
The education institutions have maintained an excellent academic reputation and a vibrant campus life. There are students from various cultures and nationalities housed here. The level of tolerance and freedom enables all studentshave practicetheir own culture as well as mingle with people from different cultures is wonderful.
The country is so huge that a person can enjoy urban, suburban and rural locations and climates. The three most popular subjects of study include business and management; engineering; and computer and life sciences. The three main cities students are flocked in are California, New York and Texas.
The average tuition and fees per academic year at four year undergraduate level can vary from less than US$3,500 to more than US$15,000. Living expenses range from $4,700-6,000 each academic year. However, tuition and fees at selective private institutions may cost considerably more than these averages.
Why do foreign students pay the price to enroll in Top USA Universities? Because they view this cost as an investment. They have determined that the necessary skills and experience they will gain by studying in the USA will reap a high return for their money and a better paying job when they return home.
Admission Requirements for Study in USA, American Universities, Eligibility Criteria, Application Process, Procedure for Study in USA-
Following is the eligibility criteria for study in USA for MBA, engineering, bachelors, masters and PhD programs for getting admission into American universities:

Compared to other countries, admission procedures of US universities, schools, colleges and institutes are highly competitive for international students. The procedure is even more competitive in the top educational institutes. To earn admission in the top and high-ranking schools in USA you must have good grades, adequate financial support either by achieving scholarships or merit based financial aids, completed challenging coursework, and good command over the English language.
The academic requirements are as under:

  • For undergraduate programs a student should have completed 10 + 2.
  • For Graduate programs the students must have completed 16 years of education i.e. 10+2+4.
  • Some institutes accept 15 years of formal education into their Bridge or Master’s program.
  • The student must have good scores in entrance exams like SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc….
  • The language proficiency test scores should be --TOEFL score of 90 and above for Postgraduate and 80 above for Undergraduate studies. IELTS score of 6 and above for Undergraduates and 6.5 and above for Postgraduates studies.
  • Strong recommendation letters and Certificate of achievement and extra-curricular activity participation proof.
  • The statement of purpose i.e. the personal essay should be such that it stands out amongst the lot of student’s letter.
  • These eligibility parameters are what institutes in USA consider before admitting a student in a course.

Application process:-
Standard applications
It is normal procedure for international students to apply directly to their chosen institution. Applications can usually be accessed via the institution website. Typical applications require:
• Personal details
• Subject/ major/ course choices
• Education details (for example high school name, address and qualifications)
• Standardized test details
• Work experience (if applicable)
Materials usually required by institutions to accompany the application include:
• An application fee
• High school transcript or mark sheets.
• An essay or a statement of purpose (sometimes referred to as a personal statement this is a summary of why a students has chosen USA a country for further education and also reason for the course and institute selected. This is a very important document,)
• Original or certified academic documents demonstrating previous qualifications and grades (high school transcripts and/or predicted or actual examination results) — if documents are not in English, translations may be required
• Proof of English proficiency if not an English speaker (TOEFL, IELTS)
• Financial documents for visa purposes — financial information forms and bank statements/ sponsor letter proving you can pay for your education
• Two reference letters — an academic reference from one or two current teachers, plus most want a reference from a counsellor or school official
• Copy of passport

Additional materials may also be required. The above information is a guideline. Students should contact their chosen institutions for further information.

The Common Application
An alternate application method is the Common Application. The Common Application is a non-profit organization, which provides an admission service for students. Students can apply to any of the 346 Common Application institution members using the same form.
Student Visa Requirements for Study in USA  
Student Visa USA, Requirements for Study in USA: Application Form, Process Procedure for Study in USA Visa-
Student’s applying to a full time course of more than 18 hours per week will require a student visa. The US Government advises these students to apply for their visa as soon as possible.
1.The student must apply to an institution approved by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service.
Once this institution decides an application is complete and academically eligible the student will be sent a SEVIS document.

2. After the student receives the I-20 or D-2019 form from their institution it is time to arrange an interview with their nearest US Embassy or Consulate.

3. Then is the Personal Interview:
Students must provide a completed DS-156 and DS-158 form. Some students may be required to complete a DS-157 form. Students who are bringing their children will be required to fill out a separate form. A valid passport with at least six months validity, one passport sized photograph as well as the non-refundable application fee.

Student visa type often determines whether healthcare insurance is compulsory for students.
• By law, students studying on a J-1 visa are required to purchase a healthcare policy
• Students studying on an F-1 visa are not required to purchase a policy by law. However some colleges may still deem it compulsory. Either way, healthcare insurance is strongly advised.
Upon submitting the application candidates are also required to submit a copy of their passport. Original passports would only be required for authentication. The embassy has the reserve right for asking any other authentication. Incomplete applications would not be accepted. Visa processing depends upon the nationality of the candidate. All regulations consular fees or services are subject to change without any prior notice.
Cost of Studying in USA, Living Costs, Tuition Fees for Study in USA
Cost of Study in USA, Living Costs, Tuition Fees For Studying in USA:
Tuition fees:-

The tuition fees for studying at US institutions vary widely between the states, the different types of institutions and the course of study. Tuition fees will be the greatest expense to consider when studying in the states and it may affect the choice of institution. These are approximate figures”

Community colleges $5,000 per year
Colleges $11,000 per year
Universities $15,000 per year

Living costs and rent will vary depending on the type of accommodation the student opts for.
Dormitories cost approximately $3,500– $6,000 per semester depending on whether they offer meals
Living with a host family costs $400–$700 per month depending on whether meals are supplied.
Campus apartments cost around $400 per month for a shared room with a shared bathroom and $800 per month for a single private room.

Study in USA Scholarships, Scholarships for Studying in USA

Study in USA Scholarships, Scholarships for Studying in USA, Study in USA with Scholarship:

The Scholarships in USA & the financial aid-fee waivers that are awarded to International Students are merit / need based. A candidate with strong academics, good performance on standardized exams & extra-curricular achievements would be eligible for scholarship awards or any financial assistance. To benefit from these opportunities, one has to make sure to send all the required documents by particular deadlines. In addition to this, the presentation of the application package is also important because one is judged by the image one projects. There are various types of Scholarships:

  • Fellowship/ Scholarship: This is usually offered on the student's ability, competence & performance.
  • Graduate Assistantship: Generally it may involve a teaching or research assistantship. Student who receive aid, do so in the form of assistantship i.e. cash stipend or a tuition fee waiver or reduced tuition fee.
Sports Scholarship: Though seldom offered to international students, athletic or sports scholarships are available in a wide range to outstanding and talented athletes.




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